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Discover Ottoman Cuisine

The delicious tastes and dishes of the Ottoman cuisine developed under the influence of Anatolia’s fertile lands, historical riches, and many different cultures. Ottoman cuisine; consists of delicious dishes that have emerged as a result of a unique blend of Turkish, Middle Eastern, and Western cuisine influences. It has been influenced by the Ottoman Empire, […]

5 Famous Ottoman Desserts

The Bosphorus is a water strait with Europe on one side and Asia, and it divides Istanbul into two continents. With a population of close to 15 million, Istanbul is Turkey’s most crowded city. Istanbul also hosts millions of tourists from all over the world throughout the year.

The Most Popular Turkish Cuisine Tastes

When you come to visit Istanbul, you should definitely visit Sultanahmet. This region is like the historical center of Istanbul. Among the Sultanahmet restaurants, there is a restaurant where you can experience unforgettable moments: Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine Restaurant.

What to Eat in Sultanahmet?

Turkish cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. This rich heritage is reflected in the culinary culture in Turkish lands, which is the meeting point of Eastern and Western cultures. You can try many dishes and drinks of Turkish cuisine in Sultanahmet, the tourism capital of Istanbul.

Ottoman Palace Cuisine

Ottoman Palace Cuisine consists of special tastes prepared for sultans and palace officials in the palaces of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire, which hosted people from many different nationalities, was also influenced by the cultures of these peoples. Thanks to this cultural synthesis, the Ottoman Palace Cuisine has become very rich. It has been influenced […]

What Does a Typical Turkish Breakfast Look Like?

Turks love eating. And since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they know how to extend and add variety to it. Covering a not-so-small amount of land, we can see some local differences in for instance the type of cheese, olives, or even the bread. Yet all regions have one or more […]

Ottoman Food and Turkish Food

Ottoman Palace cuisine is an indisputable masterpiece and cultural heritage of Turkey. It combines the best characters from many cultures: Turkic, Arabic, Mediterranean, Balkan, Caucasian and others…

Ottoman Palace Cuisine in Istanbul

Being a Palace in Istanbul, a Matbah in a Palace, and a Tabbah in a Matbah. (Tabbah means ‘chef’ in Ottoman Turkish.) Istanbul, the magnificent city where the world has been ruled for centuries; and Topkapi Palace, the symbol of power, wealth, pomp and grandeur, right in the heart of Istanbul.