2022 New Year's Eve Celebrations in Istanbul

2022 New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Istanbul

New Year’s Eve parties in Istanbul have long been known as one of the best parties in the world. It is traditionally a day at home with family and friends, but since the 1920s people have taken to the streets of Istanbul to celebrate the start of a new year. New Year‘s Eve, known as ‘ New Year ‘ in Turkey, hosts a wide variety of festivals for locals, tourists, and foreigners alike. There are opportunities in Istanbul that no other city in the world can offer; for example, a fascinating mix of old and new. Turkey is famous for its hospitality and Istanbul does its best to entertain and welcome everyone. 

How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Istanbul?

Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Europe and the second-largest city in the world in terms of population density. Istanbul is a big metropolis centered on art, tradition, and technology. It is also at the forefront of Turkish culture and is always full of surprises. 

There is always something for you in Istanbul. For history buffs, there is an extraordinary atmosphere surrounded by Roman ruins and remnants of the Byzantine Empire. You can feel the magnificence of the Ottoman Empire, which came after Byzantium for more than 600 years, at every step in Istanbul. Art and architecture enthusiasts can enjoy hundreds of churches and palaces, millennial bazaars and historic streets, and wonderful mosques.

In which another city in the world can you welcome the new year on two continents at the same time? Of course, Istanbul is unique in this regard. As you move along the Bosphorus, both Europe and Asia are before your eyes.

One of the most popular ways to spend a special New Year’s Eve evening is to take a boat tour, where you can literally dominate both continents while counting down to midnight. The Bosphorus Bridge is also the focal point of this countdown, the very core of the city’s spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks display. There is nothing like it in the world.

The Sultanahmet area, where the main tourist attractions such as Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace are located, is a place where special celebrations are held for New Year’s Eve. There are also nice restaurants in Sultanahmet where you can join parties for New Year’s Eve. Deraliye Restaurant will be your best choice on New Year’s Eve for enjoyable events and a delicious food menu.

Familiar Sights

If you choose to spend New Year’s Eve in Istanbul, you may be surprised that the streets look as festive as in other European cities. Bright lights adorn the main squares and cobbled streets, large pine trees decorated with trinkets are on street corners and inside major shopping malls, and you can even see Santa ringing the bell as you wander around town. 

It is well known that the Muslim community does not celebrate Christmas, but the glittering scene in Istanbul has a strange sense of familiarity. The lights that Europeans associate with Christmas are traditional motifs for New Year’s celebrations in Turkey, with some interesting and perhaps surprising historical connections.

Four Wonderful Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Istanbul

Street Parties

The most popular way to celebrate the New Year for Turks is to attend the city’s private street parties, especially in Taksim Square and the adjacent Istiklal Avenue on the European side, and Bağdat Caddesi on the Asian side. Attracting thousands of Turks who want to party in the middle of the night, Taksim Square is the place where the liveliest and most intense party is located.

Bağdat Caddesi, the main shopping center of the Anatolian side, stretching from Kadıköy to Maltepe, offers similar entertainment, though less intense, with live music, street performers, artificial snow, and laser shows. 

Bosphorus Tours

One of the most popular ways to welcome the New Year in Istanbul is to take a boat tour on the Bosphorus. Dozens of boats, between two continents, offer the opportunity to welcome the new year with delicious Turkish food and extraordinary entertainment, as well as unlimited drinks and the most beautiful view of the entire city, where the clock strikes midnight. Boats and yachts leave the shore at around 20:00, while guests are greeted with cocktails before enjoying dinner with the magnificent view of the palaces, bridges, and mansions surrounding the beach. As the hour progresses, traditional Turkish dancers increase the fun with local dances and of course belly dance performances.

Restaurants, Bars and Clubs

There is absolutely no shortage of venues in Istanbul and there is something for everyone. There are wonderful venues such as Deraliye Terrace Restaurant, which offers 360-degree views of Istanbul. You can find a restaurant or bar in Istanbul according to your wishes.

When it comes to finding your perfect New Year’s Eve venue in Istanbul, you can have a hard time choosing. You must make a reservation in advance to find a place. Don’t miss the incredible fireworks display, which is a sign of the new year. Better still, choose a venue with a view!