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Deraliye Ottoman Palace Cuisine is the best restaurant in Istanbul with its service, location, and rich cuisine among the Istanbul restaurant options. Located in Sultanahmet, the heart of Istanbul, Deraliye Restaurant invites you to the unique tastes of Ottoman cuisine in the middle of history.

Feel like a Sultan in the unique cuisine of Ottoman palaces with Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine on the Historical Peninsula.



For over a decade, Necati Yilmaz has meticulously studied and amassed ancient palace recipes, resulting in a collection of 425 culinary masterpieces. These dishes, once savored by Sultans and their entourage, now grace the tables of Necati's restaurants in Istanbul. From sweet melon stuffed with beef and almonds to cherry soup and delicate goose kebabs, his menu boasts mouthwatering delights. Guests can also partake in cooking classes led by Necati himself, where they learn to recreate these royal dishes. Necati's culinary expertise extends to consultancy work for TV series like "Magnificent Century" and consistently high ratings on TripAdvisor, earning accolades even from esteemed critics like Dr. Oz and George Miller. With recognition from Lonely Planet among the world's best restaurants, Necati Yilmaz's establishments offer a truly regal dining experience.

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Turkish and Ottoman cuisine, renowned for its richness, stems from the diverse regions once under Turkish rule. Stretching from the Danube to the Balkans, the Arabian Peninsula, and northern Africa, this cuisine uniquely blends a myriad of cultural flavors.

Deraliye Restaurant, where all these delicious culinary features are blended, is literally a Turkish restaurant.

Ottoman palace cuisine is an indisputable masterpiece and cultural heritage of Turkey. It combines the best characters from many cultures: Turkish, Arabic, Mediterranean, Balkan, Caucasian and others… Best chefs of the magnificent period, during many centuries, created their culinary masterpieces for the Sultans and their courtiers. Recipes were carefully stored and transmitted from one generation to another! Unfortunately, with the fall of the Ottoman Empire, this unique legacy almost completely disappeared and became oblivious.

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Deraliye Restaurant offers an exquisite culinary experience by presenting the unique flavors of Ottoman palace cuisine to its guests. The palace kitchens, spread over an area of 5250 square meters in the courtyard, were expanded during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent due to the increasing population of the palace. According to the laws set by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, the sultans ate their meals alone. Between 1638 and 1657, the Sultan ate alone in the Private Room or in the garden. Meals included boiled, oven-spiced, or kebab-baked sheep, various grilled meats, and famous desserts such as baklava. All meals were served in celadon cups, and drinks were served in metal glasses, with hot coffee sipped slowly after the meal.

Ottoman palace cuisine is a rich culture brought from Central Asia, developed during migration, and enriched in Anatolia. High-ranking courtiers also ate poultry such as geese, ducks, pigeons, and partridges. Fruits such as plums, apples, and grapes were used in juicy dishes, flavored with spices, honey, and vinegar. Meals were eaten twice a day in the palace, once in the morning and again before dark in the afternoon. On the days of ulufe distribution, the most magnificent ceremony of the palace, foreign ambassadors were invited, and a meal was given in the Kubbealti to showcase the power, might, and wealth of the state.


Special tasting menu prepared from exclusive dishes of 500 years old Ottoman palaces.

It was a great Empire and a rich Palace, exclusive delicious flavors served to the kings, sultans, princes, viziers, court ladies, valides, male servants and to the embassadors who came to visit this large family.

3050 ₺ per person and every guest on the table must give order as a necessity of service arrangement.

“Please let us know your dietary requirements and allergies so we can better prepare your meal.”


Indulge in a journey through time as you savor the exquisite flavors once enjoyed by kings at Topkapi Palace. Our menu is a culinary exploration of the empire’s diverse regions, offering a taste of history on each plate. Experience the joy and excitement of this unique dining experience, where every bite is a celebration of tradition and elegance.

2200 ₺ per person and every guest on the table must give order as a necessity of service arrangement.

“Please let us know your dietary requirements and allergies so we can better prepare your meal.”

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