MENU OF SULTAN (18:00 & 22:30)

Special tasting menu prepared from exclusive dishes of 500 years old Ottoman palaces.


It was a great Empire and a rich Palace, exclusive delicious flavors served to the kings, sultans, princes, viziers, court ladies, valides, male servants and to the embassadors who came to visit this large family.


COLD MEZZES (Appetizers) Spread on the Table

Chickpea Paste (Humus)

Special type of chickpea kocbasi paste. (1469) From the book “A Banquet Notebook” by Semih Tezcan.


Leaf Wrap with Cherry

Boiled rice wrapped in grape leaves flavoured with cumin, cinnamon, ginger, onion, currant, peanut and cherry grains.



A local appetizer prepared with walnut, red pepper paste, bread crumbs and spices.



Roasted eggplant blended with yoghurt, garlic and olive oil


Spicy Salad

Paste flavoured with red pepper, onion, garlic, cucumber, red pepper paste.



Roasted chickpeas with Tahini, blend yoghurt, garlic, peanuts, cumin.



(It is served on the table for all guests according number of people)
A Middle Eastern salad served with lemon juice and olive oil mixed with finely chopped parsley, mint, green onion, fine bulghur and pomegranate seeds.

HOT APPETIZERS (Served in Turn)

Sailor Roll Patty with Honey

Fried pastry wrapped in dough prepared with various types of Turkish cheese. Served with honey


Piruhi (Mantı) with Seafood

Handmade piruhi stuffed with seasonal fish and varied spices.



Goose Kebab

An Ottoman Palace recipe extracted from Suleiman the Magnificent’s private kitchen recipe in 1539.


Ali Nazik Kebab

Lamb skewers, small lamb meatballs over roasted eggplant and garlic yogurt – to the legend, when the King Yavuz Sultan Selim visited Antep, a grand ceremony was held and this special meal was served to the King.


Daily Compote (Hosaf) with Seasonal Fruits

Hosaf, which means sweet water in Persian language, has been consumed quite a lot in Ottoman Palaces for facilitate digestion and soothing the stomach




Turkish dessert with plenty of green pistachios, cream and butter in baklava dough. (Served with ice-cream)


3050 ₺ per person and every guest on the table must give order as a necessity of service arrangement.

“Please let us know your dietary requirements and allergies so we can better prepare your meal.”

Degustation Dinner