Eating and Drinking Recommendations in Istanbul

Istanbul is not just a city of tourist attractions, mosques, and palaces. Of course, these are also part of it, but what’s even more exciting are the restaurants that symbolize Turkish culinary culture. Delicious Turkish specialties are one of the main attractions of the city!

We cannot finish counting the beauties of the Bosphorus and the Historic Peninsula. You should experience the atmosphere here. This is a lively area from breakfast time until late at night.

Try Istanbul’s Snacks

A typical Turkish Breakfast

You should try countless Turkish breakfasts at least once during your time here. Here, people meet at breakfast places not only for breakfast but also primarily to chat and spend time together.

A typical brunch includes a large basket with different types of bread and many small bowls with peppers and olives, a selection of cheeses, sweet and savory breads, honey, and jams. Foods called appetizers are served in these bowls. It goes best with a cup of Turkish coffee. You should not stir, then the coffee grounds will remain in the cup. Enjoy your meal! In the meantime, you can have your fortune told with the coffee grounds left in the cup!

Meet Bagel

A bagel is a round-shaped pastry with a hole in the middle. It is probably one of the most iconic snacks in Istanbul. Bagel sellers are everywhere in the Historic Peninsula.

Bagels topped with sliced ​​cheese or tomatoes and feta cheese taste great.

Try Roasted Chestnuts

You will find stalls on almost every corner where chestnuts unique to Istanbul are sold, just like the ones with bagels.

Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juices

Have you had too much dessert and want something healthy? A freshly squeezed juice will be very good. You can try a super delicious but also quite a sour pomegranate juice.

There are also orange, carrot, lemon, and apple options. They can also be creative and put together mixes of all the different types of fruit for you.

Delicious Snack on Galata Bridge: Fish Bread

Dozens of fishermen catch fresh fish on the Galata Bridge for fish to die for. Topped with grilled white bread, first with a spicy sauce, then some salad, then a deliciously seasoned mackerel fillet.


Served with a sauce made from delicious yogurt. While serving at the table, the waiter will add melted butter and cayenne pepper with hot paprika to your taste. You will be amazed by its taste!

Turkish delight

You can get these little sweet treats around every corner and in what feels like a thousand different flavors. You can try all the flavors on the left and right stalls in the Egyptian bazaar! Peanuts covered with dark chocolate and some pepper are really delicious.


You’ll love the often spicy meatballs served with a variety of garnishes. Fresh off the grill and served with a variety of salads, rice and peppers, this dish tastes simply amazing. Add to that an ice-cold Coke.


This dish consists of lamb intestines wrapped in a type of kebab skewer and roasted on fire until crispy. It can probably only be recommended for the very brave among us or for those who, without exception, try everything they can get their hands on.

If you order a serving, the guts are chopped and seasoned with chili and paprika. Everything is then served on lightly toasted bread.

Istanbul’s Characteristic Drink: Salep

Salep is a sweet drink. You can’t get enough of the taste, especially when flavored with cinnamon! You should always drink the first for breakfast, and the second, at the latest, in the afternoon.

Black tea

Tea is a very typical beverage that you can find in every corner of Istanbul. You can enjoy tea in Sultanahmet’s restaurants with a very rustic and traditional look. By the way, you can find the park just below Topkapi Palace in the Sultanahmet district.

Restaurant Preference in Istanbul

As a restaurant recommendation, you can find many restaurants in the Sultanahmet area. However, it can be difficult to find the one that works best for you and provides an excellent service. You can get lost among so many options.

Delicious appetizers, fresh fish, delicious meat dishes, and desserts… Everything you would expect from a masterful restaurant. You can find everything you are looking for in Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine Restaurant. How about a menu consisting of dishes cooked in palaces during the Ottoman period? We are sure you will love this place.

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