Exploring the Flavors of Istanbul with Deraliye’s Menu

In the vibrant heart of Istanbul, Deraliye’s Menu serves not just meals but memories, taking you on a culinary journey through time. Our Master Chef, Necati Yılmaz, has meticulously designed a degustation menu that weaves a tale of gastronomic exploration, showcasing Ottoman palace cuisine from the 15th century.

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A Step Back in Time

Starting this incredible journey, you are first greeted with a bowl of smooth, warm almond soup, a delicately flavored dish that sets the tone for the unique experience that lies ahead. The nutty richness of the almonds is balanced by a hint of creaminess, creating a simple yet enticing introduction to the flavors of the Ottoman Empire.

Refreshing the Palate

Next, a glass of pomegranate sherbet arrives, glistening ruby-red under the ambient lights of the restaurant. This traditional Ottoman refreshment made from pomegranate juice and sugar cleanses the palate, preparing you for the robust flavors to follow.

Variety in Texture and Flavor

As the evening progresses, a serving of hibesh makes its way to your table. This smooth, creamy spread offers a pleasant surprise for your palate. Our shrimp stew, a crowd favorite, is next. Its perfectly cooked shrimp, simmered in a savory broth, is a testament to our devotion to quality ingredients and careful preparation.

Savoring the Main Courses

Deraliye’s tasting menu truly shines with the main courses. The lamb medallion with thyme showcases the skillful balance of flavors and textures. The meat, tender and flavorful, complemented by the aromatic thyme, transports you to a time when every dish was a celebration.

Our menu includes other equally enticing main courses such as lamb trotter served with rye crispbread. The trotter is cooked slowly until it is fall-off-the-bone tender, while the rye crispbread adds a delightful crunch. The Muanjana, an authentic Ottoman dish, and the golden pilaf with its alluring aroma, further enhance this gastronomic journey.

Delightful Surprises

Of course, no journey through the 15th-century Ottoman palace cuisine is complete without a kebab. Our goose kebab, delicately spiced and grilled to perfection, is a revelation, offering a taste of a bygone era rarely found in today’s dining scene.

Sweet Endings

Finally, the degustation menu concludes with a sweet note. A choice between apple or rose baklava, each drizzled generously with natural honey, awaits. The layers of thin, flaky pastry, filled with sweet apples or fragrant roses, create a symphony of flavors that offers the perfect ending to the meal.

A Culinary Adventure Awaits

Each dish in Deraliye’s tasting menu tells a story, offering a glimpse into the rich culinary history of Istanbul. Master Chef Necati Yılmaz’s skillful execution of these traditional recipes breathes new life into them, ensuring that each guest leaves with a sense of satisfaction that extends beyond their taste buds. We invite you to explore the flavors of Istanbul with us at Deraliye Restaurant, embarking on a culinary adventure that will stay with you long after the meal is over.

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