Ottoman Cuisine in Istanbul

Istanbul has carried the effect of hosting many cultures for centuries in its kitchens. Visitors to Istanbul are most curious about its food after historical buildings. When it comes to Turkish cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is delicious dishes from the Ottoman period. These flavors that create harmony on the palate, where many flavors are used together, are the dishes that everyone who tries them wants to try again. For this reason, Ottoman cuisine has a very important place in Istanbul. This is another reason why local and foreign tourists often visit. Before coming to Istanbul, visitors make reservations from restaurants and hotels serving in this area.

Indispensable dishes of Turkish cuisine and dishes from Ottoman cuisine are served in stylish restaurants that adapt the most outstanding examples of palace cuisine to the present day. There are restaurants in many districts of Istanbul where you can taste the exquisite dishes of Turkish cuisine. Sultanahmet is located in the historical peninsula and is closest to the touristic structures. While enjoying the view of Istanbul, you can book a place from the flavor stops in the Sultanahmet area to experience a feast of taste. In this article, information about Ottoman cuisine in Istanbul and the restaurants you can find in Sultanahmet has been compiled for you.

The Most Famous Ottoman Dishes

Ottoman cuisine is a cuisine where meat dishes are frequently preferred. Compared to Mediterranean cuisines, fish dishes are not included in the Ottoman menu as much. During the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, seafood took its place in Ottoman cuisine. For this reason, meat dishes come to mind first when it comes to Ottoman cuisine in Istanbul today. Palace cuisine recipes are famous for the harmonious use of sour, sweet and salty products. Currants, walnuts, and almonds are indispensable flavors in dishes. Today, the dishes that are successfully used in the palace cuisine are as follows;

  • Goose kebab
  • Stuffed melon
  • Kirde kebab
  • Stuffed artichokes with meat
  • Piruhi
  • Plum collar of lamb
  • Stuffed quince
  • Cabbage wrap
  • Muammara
  • Mutabbal
  • Hibesh
  • Kazandibi
  • Terkib-i mutancana
  • Duck stew
  • Lamb shank with plum
  • Nemse pastry
  • Muzhir kebab
  • Sehzade kebab
  • Palace bite
  • Dried stuffed eggplant
  • Nırbaç

These dishes have rich content and differ from other cuisines with different cooking techniques. The fact that the food has a rich variety and that its content is nutritious is among the most important rules in this kitchen. Today, red plum, which is consumed as a dessert, was used to capture the sour taste in Ottoman cuisine. Pastries and meat dishes are often used together in the same dish. In addition to the dishes in the Ottoman cuisine menu in Istanbul, there is also a rich dessert menu and beverage menu. While sherbet and milk harmony are often used in desserts, drinks are usually in the form of sherbet. There are many sorbet recipes that have a rich aroma with different fruits and spices.

Ottoman Cuisine Restaurants in Sultanahmet

Deraliye Restaurant, which is suitable for the historical texture of Istanbul and contains the most special dishes and delicious tastes of the palace cuisine, has been offering Turkish cuisine and Ottoman cuisine to its customers for more than 35 years. The restaurant in Sultanahmet, with its unique location, is close enough to allow you to visit the pearls of Sultanahmet easily. It got its name from the terms “der” (door) from Persian and “aliyye” (supreme) from Arabic.

At the same time, Deraliye is known as one of the names given to Istanbul.

The restaurant, which has an Ottoman-style decoration, brings you the most precious dishes of the palace cuisine with original recipes. You can find delicious palace delicacies at Deraliye Restaurant, one of the most important representatives of Ottoman cuisine in Istanbul. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Sultanahmet, where local and foreign tourists show great interest. If you want to try the dishes of Ottoman cuisine, you can make your reservation by contacting Deraliye Restaurant.

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