Unique Drinks of Ottoman Cuisine: Sherbet

Ottoman cuisine generally has a quality structure. Since there are thousands of delicious recipes from drinks to food, these recipes are also very beneficial for health as they are prepared with care in general. The diversity of drinks in Ottoman cuisine is a fact known all over the world. There are dozens of types of drinks, including hot drinks and cold drinks. In this article, we will discuss the sherbets in Ottoman cuisine.

Sherbets are among the most important choices in the beverage culture developed in the Ottoman Empire. Sherbet culture has been quite common in the Ottoman lands in the past. At that time, there were people selling sherbet on the streets. These sherbets were drunk to refresh themselves on hot summer days. In addition, sherbets gave energy to people. Thanks to these drinks, people would have consumed a drink that was both healthy and delicious.

Sherbets in Turkish Cuisine

Turkish cuisine has these unique flavors just like Ottoman cuisine. Many people see Turkish cuisine as a continuation of Ottoman cuisine. If you want to try the healthy and delicious sherbets of Turkish cuisine, you can achieve a successful result by following the instructions in this article.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, special days have been celebrated with sherbet in Turkish culture. Sherbet, produced by mixing the leaves of flowers, herbs, and spices with fruits, was known throughout history as a beverage that was consumed fondly not only by the sultan but also by the people.

Sherbet is one of the drinks that lived its golden age in the Ottoman period and that our ancestors never missed from their tables. It was prepared with almost any fruit, even flowers. Sherbets are soft drinks that are drunk cold, cooled more using snow, sweetened with honey, and found everywhere, on special occasions, celebrations, in homes, on the streets.

Sherbets at Deraliye Restaurant

There are no more hops that used to be on the streets. Sherbet makers, carrying a huge ewer on their backs, would deftly pour sherbet into the glass by leaning slightly. At Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine Restaurant, we are making an effort to re-prepare these unique flavors that have been forgotten. That’s why we try our best to keep the sherbet culture alive.

The word sharbat means a drink made with water and sugar in Persian. Sherbet is; It has been translated into Turkish from the Arabic word “şarbat”, which means to drink once. Sherbets, which were considered to be one of the distinguished treats of the Ottoman period, were certainly offered to the important guests who came to the palace. At first, sherbets were made with cane sugar, later sweetened with honey. Today, it is sweetened with sugar.

Sherbet, which is among the most consumed traditional drinks of Ottoman cuisine, is served today on Ramadan, newborn child celebrations and many other special days.

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