Best Sultanahmet Restaurant

Before we get to the best Sultanahmet restaurant, it might be good to give some information about Turkish and Ottoman cuisine. Turkish cuisine is undoubtedly one of the richest cuisines in the world. The food culture in Turkey is very important and the whole world knows how sensitive Turks are about food.

A wide range of Turkish cuisine is served in well-established, fine, and upscale Istanbul restaurants in many different locations in Istanbul. There are also restaurants in Istanbul serving a wide variety of international cuisines such as Mediterranean, Japanese, Italian, French, Turkish, Indian, Chinese, Chinese, Portuguese, and Thai.

Some features of Turkish food culture can be found everywhere in Istanbul. However, some areas have the best restaurants that specialize in reflecting this culture. For example, the palace cuisine of the Ottoman Empire is perfectly represented in the Sultanahmet district, one of the administrative centers of this long-established state.

When you think of the best Sultanahmet restaurant, what comes to mind is of course restaurants with a historical atmosphere. Deraliye Restaurant on Ticarethane Street, just opposite Sultanahmet Square, is almost everyone’s favorite restaurant in this regard. Deraliye Restaurant, which includes the special dishes eaten by sultans and statesmen in Ottoman palaces in its menu, has added the fascinating atmosphere and historical texture of Sultanahmet to its food presentations. This is an experience you will truly admire.


The Richness of Turkish Food Culture

Food presentations in Turkish and Ottoman cuisine can be categorized as starters (appetizers), baked goods, meat dishes, vegetable dishes, seafood, and desserts. You can be sure to see a lot of meat dishes in the main dishes section. Many of the dishes prepared in the Ottoman palaces also included meat.

Turkey’s agriculturally rich regions supply restaurants in Istanbul with fresh fruits and vegetables. For the preparation of the dishes, there is a wide range of specialty foods to choose from. Many of the dishes at Deraliye Restaurant are specialties that were created during Ottoman times under the influence of different cultures. The menu also includes fish dishes and vegetarian options, resulting in a rich cuisine.

It is not always easy to find a good restaurant that suits your taste during a trip to Istanbul. Especially in areas like Sultanahmet where there are many options, finding the best restaurant can be really tiring. If you are looking for the most delicious food and the best restaurant in Istanbul, Deraliye Restaurant is a restaurant that will make you extremely happy.

Dine in a traditional-style restaurant in one of Istanbul’s most famous squares, in an area with thousands of years of history, and experience Turkish cuisine for yourself.

An Award Winning Sultanahmet Restaurant

When you visit Istanbul, one of the things we most want to explore is the city’s gastronomy. The city’s incredible culinary culture makes its restaurants a great destination for those looking for an aromatic experience, new flavors, and different cooking styles.

michelin guide restaurant

You must be familiar with the Michelin Guide, the world-famous restaurant recommendation guide. In 2022, Michelin Guide included Istanbul restaurants in its worldwide restaurant recommendation list. Deraliye Restaurant, the pearl of Sultanahmet, is also included in this recommendation guide where very successful restaurants are listed.

Content Advice >> Deraliye Restaurant in the Michelin Guide

You can reserve a table immediately at Deraliye Restaurant, which has found its place in many lists around the world.

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