Deraliye Kazakhstan Restaurant Opens

Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine Restaurant opens its first branch outside of Turkey in Kazakhstan.

Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine, the chef restaurant located in Sultanahmet, has started to carry the Ottoman Cuisine culture, which it has been serving for years, beyond the borders of the country. Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine is a restaurant that has become one of the most special restaurant brands in Istanbul. Foreign tourists are always interested in Deraliye, which promises a unique dining experience with the recipes specially prepared by Chef Necati Yılmaz. Necati Yılmaz prefers to respond to the interest of guests from all over the world in Ottoman and Turkish cuisine.

Deraliye Kazakhistan, which will be opened in September 2022 in Nursultan city of Kazakhstan, will serve the dishes, desserts and sherbets prepared in Ottoman palaces to its guests. The restaurant will have the capacity to host 250 people at the same time.

Introducing Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine

Deraliye Kazakhistan will serve with a special menu prepared by Necati Yılmaz, who has 25 years of culinary experience. The menu will include special recipes cooked for sultans and statesmen in Ottoman palaces. Chef Necati Yılmaz created the written recipes of these recipes, which have survived to the present day, as a result of many years of work and adapted them to today’s cuisine.

In Deraliye, special recipes of Ottoman and Turkish cuisine are prepared and served in accordance with today’s cuisine. The restaurant decoration was also designed and implemented to represent the Ottoman Empire. Thus, it is aimed that the guests who come to dine both taste the tastes of the palace and have a historical experience in the atmosphere they are in.

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