Eat Special Ottoman Dishes at Deraliye Restaurant

Eat Special Ottoman Dishes at Deraliye Restaurant

Do you want to eat special Ottoman dishes? Do you want to know what the Sultans ate in their palace? Deraliye restaurant provides a menu of delectable appetizers, salads, and main dishes that are authentic and tasty. It is located in Sultanahmet. The founder, master chef, and host is Necati Yilmaz who has worked for many years with some of the most famous chefs in Turkey.

Deraliye Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Sultanahmet, Istanbul. It is famous for its Ottoman and Turkish cuisine. The founder and master chef is Necati Yilmaz. The menu is quite rich. Those who want to eat special dishes made in Ottoman palaces can come to this restaurant.

Deraliye restaurant is famous for its Ottoman and Turkish cuisine. It serves so many special dishes that you can try only the imperial cuisine. This restaurant will delight in the taste of its food, which uses authentic influences from the past.

The Ottomans had their own unique dishes and the culture of eating is the most important part of Ottoman food. In the Deraliye Restaurant, you can eat some of those original recipes. Turks loved celebrating holidays with food and offered hospitality to guests by providing them with lavish meals. We invite you to experience our great food and culture at Deraliye Restaurant which is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

At Deraliye Restaurant, we believe food is a gift from God. As a part of Turkish culture, it has been celebrated for centuries. In our restaurant, we seek to preserve traditional Ottoman cuisine and deliver it to you in the most delicious way possible. Through our food and hospitality, we aim to bring a little piece of Turkey onto your table. We invite you to taste the difference.

At Deraliye Restaurant, you will be served with Turkish hospitality at its best. We serve our guests with some of the delicious dishes created in Ottoman times. You will experience a traditional Turkish restaurant that is named after a historical place, the Deraliye Pavilion. Located close to Istanbul’s historic peninsula and castle, we invite you to come and experience our amazing staff and food!

Our vast menu of traditional Turkish food and our elegant decor, designed with your comfort in mind, make Deraliye a dining experience you will never forget.

Deraliye is a Turkish restaurant in the heart of Istanbul designed to give you the best dining experience possible. Dine on our extensive menu of traditional Turkish food, served with flair and elegance. We look forward to welcoming you.