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Kebab, the Indispensable Part of Turkish Cuisine: Origin and Story

I have been serving traditional Ottoman Palace cuisine to my guests for many years. As you know, these dishes originated from the tables of the sultans and are very special and must be experienced. Goose kebab, stuffed melon or quince, or mutancana with honey… Each one offers different flavors and presentations.

Despite all these unique flavors, most of my guests usually ask about the kebab. Some even order by describing different types of kebabs, as if they are more experienced than us. This shows the importance of kebab in Turkish cuisine. So, how did this marvel of flavor enter our cuisine? What is the story of the kebab? Why is Urfa kebab without spicy and Adana kebab spicy?

The Story of Kebab

In the years before the Baghdad-Hijaz railway, transportation in Anatolia was carried out via the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. There were large shipyards on these rivers and the shipyard craftsmen would bring their wood from Aleppo. On certain days of the week, these craftsmen would make meatballs and kebabs in the shipyard. Spicy kebabs were also made from this meatball mixture.

In time, these meatball and kebab masters opened shops in the Birecik bazaar and started making spicy kebabs. However, since the people of Urfa did not like spicy food, these masters preferred to make meatballs and kebabs without spicy food for the local people. This is how the name of Urfa kebab became distinct.

In fact, this dish, which turned into kebab from spicy meatballs, gained a different name without spicy thanks to the Urfa people. The people of Adana, who love spicy kebab, preferred to eat spicy kebab, while the people of Urfa, who love without spicy kebab, preferred to eat without spicy kebab. Today, both spicy and non-spicy kebab, pistachio, and eggplant kebab are popularly eaten in different restaurants.

This indispensable flavor of Turkish cuisine, kebab, offers us a unique taste experience on a journey from traditional to modern cuisine. Knowing the story of the kebab makes this flavor even more meaningful. And remember, our kebab choices tell a bit about us!

A Night at the Table of Sultans: Deraliye Restaurant

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