Most Delicious Ottoman Palace Flavors Live in Sultanahmet

The most popular and globally known Ottoman palace flavors are cooked in Sultanahmet, the tourism center of Istanbul. It is possible to find many palace flavors with hundreds of years of history in the unique menu of Deraliye Restaurant.

The Ottoman sultans lived a very luxurious and rich life during their reign in and around Istanbul, Turkey (1299-1922). Therefore, their eating habits can also be characterized as very luxurious and rich.

In the Ottoman palaces, the sultans usually had a lunch and dinner consisting of a variety of dishes throughout the day. Lunch usually consisted of meat, vegetables and fruit, while dinner was more protein-based, with meat and fish. The eating habits of the Ottoman sultans also consisted of many local dishes, which were often richer and more luxurious than those of the commoners.

Ottoman palaces contained many rooms where the sultans and their families lived, as well as units where statesmen worked. The Ottoman palace was also home to one of the busiest and most luxurious kitchens of the Ottoman period.

Ottoman palace cuisine offers many dishes that include the most popular flavors of Turkish cuisine. These include foods such as meat, vegetables, fruits and fish. In addition, Ottoman palace cuisine complements its dishes with various desserts and fruits, making them even more delicious. Ottoman palace delicacies also include local dishes.

Ottoman palace cuisine was also very meticulous in the preparation and serving of meals. Meals were usually prepared in the sultan’s own kitchen or in the kitchens of the sultan’s family. Meals were usually served in golden dishes and various aperitifs and wines were served between courses. The cooks working in these kitchens were trained to prepare the flavors and dishes that the sultan liked. Meals were served at dining tables attended by the sultan and his family, as well as the grand vizier and other dignitaries. The dining habits of the Ottoman sultans continued in this luxurious and opulent way.

Experience Ottoman Palace Flavors at Deraliye

Deraliye Restaurant is a Turkish and Ottoman cuisine restaurant in the Sultanahmet district of Istanbul. The restaurant serves the flavors of Turkish cuisine and at the same time reflects the historical texture of Istanbul. Deraliye is home to one of the historical buildings of Istanbul and therefore offers a magnificent atmosphere. The restaurant’s menu includes the most popular dishes of Turkish cuisine and therefore caters to all tastes. Deraliye is also one of the best Turkish cuisine restaurants in Istanbul and is therefore a must-visit.