The Most Special Dish of the Ottoman Palaces: Goose Kebab

Goose kebab is one of the special flavors to be tasted in the winter season. It is one of the most special dishes of Ottoman Palace Cuisine. Goose kebab has an impressive history dating back to the kitchens of Ottoman palaces.

Goose meat, which is a very tasty and nutritious meat, was one of the main dishes of the Ottoman sultans.

Goose Meat is a Highly Nutritious Meat

The goose is a bird of the duck family with webbed feet and white or gray feathers. They are commonly found in Kars and Ardahan cities in Turkey. Geese have an average lifespan of 25-30 years.

The goose is an animal that needs to be fed more freely and in larger areas than other poultry. Because by nature, this animal has to move around.

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Goose meat is richer in protein and fat than beef. If geese are fed in a special way, they will grow fat and their liver will grow. For this, a special regime is followed for 30-40 days in early winter. The meat of well-fattened geese becomes very nutritious and full of health.

Goose meat, which has a unique flavor and aroma, is thought to increase body resistance due to its high protein, vitamin, and fat content and is recommended for consumption by weakened bodies.

Goose meat is famous for its flavor and nutrition. Goose dishes, which stood out in the Ottoman palaces with this nutritious feature, have survived to the present day thanks to the transfer of special recipes from generation to generation.

goose kebab deraliye restaurant

Goose Kebab in its most special form at Deraliye Restaurant

At Deraliye Restaurant, you can experience goose kebab, the most special form of goose meat prepared with special recipes from the Ottoman Palace Cuisine.

At Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine, we supply geese raised in their natural environment. We buy from the villagers, not from big poultry farms that raise geese.

We cook our geese, which we buy from a few families in Kütahya and Thrace, over low heat for long hours. Then we cover it on the pilaf and wrap it in phyllo. We put it in the oven with fresh mint sauce from its own juice.

The best accompaniment of goose meat, which has a very special place on the tables of sultans, is bulgur pilaf cooked with goose meat juice.

You can find goose dishes in portions or whole at Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine Restaurant, which you should definitely visit when you come to Sultanahmet. You can find goose meat in our restaurant in all seasons.

Deraliye Restaurant, which tries to represent and continue the tradition of Ottoman Palace Cuisine today, is waiting for its guests with its delicious palace cuisine menu prepared with great care.

Recommended by the Lonely Planet and Michelin Guide, Deraliye Restaurant is a great choice to try goose kebab in Istanbul. At Deraliye, you will truly feel like a sultan.

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