The Most Famous Dishes of Ottoman Cuisine

There is an increasing interest in Ottoman cuisine, which extends from the past to the present and creates a festive effect on the palate with its delicious recipes. The Ottoman palace cuisine, which carries the influences of many cultures and civilizations, contains delicious recipes. Today, there are some special places for maintaining and keeping these […]

Ottoman Period Eating Habits

In the Ottoman period, palace dishes and food manners were always at the forefront. Meat types, rice, and wheat, sherbets, and desserts were generally preferred. In addition, honey, cream, molasses, and tahini were among the indispensable products of the table. Ottoman period eating habits first thing that comes to mind is respect for food. When the meal time came, the tables set on the ground were arranged and from that moment on, nothing else was taken care of. Food tools such as forks and knives were not found in the food culture. The food bowls used were made of wood, earthenware, copper, silver, and rarely gold. There was a practice such as using a spoon and even carrying the spoon with you to the places you go. Pastries such as bread, yufka, flatbread, and pita, which were eaten with the meal, were quite common and were eaten by hand.

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Unique Drinks of Ottoman Cuisine: Sherbet

Ottoman cuisine generally has a quality structure. Since there are thousands of delicious recipes from drinks to food, these recipes are also very beneficial for health as they are prepared with care in general. The diversity of drinks in Ottoman cuisine is a fact known all over the world. There are dozens of types of drinks, including hot drinks and cold drinks. In this article, we will discuss the sherbets in Ottoman cuisine.

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Deraliye Restaurant Special Ramadan Menu

The Ramadan menu is the name given to the special menus that restaurants prepare for iftar times during Ramadan. If you are in Istanbul during Ramadan, you should be a guest at one of the best restaurants in the city, where you can eat traditional Turkish dishes and special dishes from the Ottoman palace cuisine. For an authentic iftar dinner where you will find peace in a unique ambiance, you should choose the best among Sultanahmet restaurants. Read more

The Month of Ramadan in Ottoman Culture

During the month of Ramadan in the Ottoman Empire, the people considered giving iftar to their relatives as great worship and entered the race to host guests. During Ramadan, the doors were kept open at iftar times. Thus, everyone who stayed on the road, familiar or unfamiliar, would get their share of this treat. The custom of ‘Tooth Rent’, which is used in other banquets as well as for the month of Ramadan, is to give a gift to those invited to the iftar table when they leave. This custom was practiced in Ottoman culture. As Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine Restaurant, we continue to live and keep these customs alive. Read more

15 Iconic Turkish Foods to Eat in Istanbul

Istanbul is the perfect city for you to enjoy the rich variety of Turkish cuisine. This is a tourism center with its history, culture and people. Here we have listed the dishes we think you should try while visiting this dynamic and vibrant city.

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Exploring the First Cookbook of the Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire was a multinational, multicultural and multilingual empire spanning three continents. For several centuries, from 1299 to 1923, or 624 years, the Ottoman Empire experienced rich periods both economically and culturally.

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Breakfast Culture in Turkish Cuisine

Breakfast, which is usually the first meal of the day, differs between cultures in terms of the varieties it contains. Breakfast culture in Turkish cuisine is a meal in itself. It is a very important meal. Both savory and sweet foods are consumed for breakfast. It is often the most satisfying meal of the day.

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Food Culture and Etiquette in the Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire, which is a deep-rooted empire, is very rich in food and beverage culture, as in many other areas. The most curious and interesting culture has also been the food culture. The Ottoman culture, which has valuable examples in the art of war, politics, and science, is also very rich in eating and drinking habits.

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Books of Ottoman Cuisine Culture

Ottoman cuisine culture has been very effective in the formation of modern Turkish cuisine. The formation and enrichment of Turkish cuisine took a long time. It is known that Turks have established many civilizations since their nomadic period. Throughout this long historical adventure, they have acquired a rich culture. This situation also had an impact on the culinary culture and filled Turkish cuisine with unique riches.

The Turks, who interacted with many different cultures, were influenced by these cultures and enriched their cuisine. Although today’s Turkish cuisine is mostly inspired by Ottoman cuisine, it also contains the cultures of the West and East.

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