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Goose Meat: Raising, Cooking and Benefits

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Goose Meat: Raising, Cooking and Benefits

Goose is a poultry animal that should be fed more freely and in larger areas than other coop animals. Because by nature, this animal has to roam.

At Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine Restaurant, we supply geese that were raised in their natural environment. We do not buy from large poultry farms engaged in goose breeding, but rather from villagers.

We cook our geese, which we bought from a few families in Kütahya and Thrace, on low heat for long hours. Then we cover it on the inner rice and wrap it in phyllo. We put it in the oven with a fresh mint sauce from its own juice.

Goose meat, which is a very tasty and nutritious meat, was also one of the main dishes of the Ottoman Sultans.

You can find goose meat at Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine Restaurant in all seasons.

You can find goose dishes, both in portions and as a whole, at Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine Restaurant, which you should definitely stop by when you go to Sultanahmet.

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