iftar 2024

Iftar in Sultanahmet in 2024

Ramadan is an important period of time for Muslims, symbolizing abundance, sharing and unity. Iftar times have a special significance in the Islamic world. Sultanahmet, the historical and cultural center of Istanbul, is a great place to enjoy iftar. In this article, we will explore the history and traditions of Sultanahmet and the best ways to enjoy the experience of breaking the fast in Sultanahmet.

The History of Iftar in Sultanahmet

Sultanahmet is known as the heart of Istanbul and has been home to various civilizations throughout history. For this reason, the tradition of iftar in Sultanahmet has a long history.

During the Ottoman Empire, iftar tables were set up in and around Sultanahmet Square during Ramadan. At these tables, food was shared for the poor, orphans and those in need, bringing people together and reinforcing feelings of brotherhood. Today, Sultanahmet has become a popular place for locals and tourists to break their fast during Ramadan.

Traditional Flavors and Dining Culture

One of the most enjoyable parts of breaking fast in Sultanahmet is savoring the rich and varied Turkish cuisine. The dishes served at iftar tables usually have a wide range of flavors such as soups, olive oil dishes, meat dishes and desserts. These flavors are nourished by the rich and varied history of Turkish cuisine over the years.

Soups: Soups are among the indispensables of Ramadan. Especially varieties such as lentil soup, highland soup and ezogelin soup are frequently preferred at iftar tables. These soups stand out with their filling and nutritious properties.

Olive Oil Dishes: Olive oil dishes, which are an important part of Turkish cuisine, are frequently served at iftar tables. Olive oil dishes such as dolma, stuffed leaves, stewed kidney beans and artichokes make a healthy and delicious start.

Meat Dishes: Some of the most popular dishes of Turkish cuisine are meat-based. Meat dishes such as meat wraps with spinach, lamb tandoori, Iskender kebab and lamb stew are among the hearty and delicious options on iftar tables. These dishes are usually served with rice, bulgur pilaf or bread.

Desserts: Turkish desserts are among the world-famous flavors. Desserts such as baklava, şekerpare, semolina halva and güllaç sweeten the most enjoyable moments of iftar in Sultanahmet. These desserts are carefully prepared based on traditional recipes and make iftar tables festive.

The restaurants around Sultanahmet offer the best of these traditional flavors. They give guests the opportunity to try local flavors and discover the richness of Turkish cuisine. Trying these flavors in the historic atmosphere of Sultanahmet offers an unforgettable experience and completes the pleasure of iftar. Among these restaurants, Deraliye Restaurant makes a big difference and offers the unique atmosphere of Ramadan to its guests perfectly.

Iftar with Sultanahmet’s Atmosphere and Historical Structures

Sultanahmet is a historically and culturally rich neighborhood and is considered a great place to break the fast. Especially during Ramadan, the atmosphere in this neighborhood becomes even more special. Historical landmarks such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Basilica Cistern make the iftar experience even more meaningful.

With Hagia Sophia being used as a mosque again in recent years, this historic building makes the iftar experience even more mesmerizing. The magnificent architecture and historical atmosphere of Hagia Sophia mesmerizes the people gathered around the iftar tables. Sultanahmet Square, illuminated by the lights of Hagia Sophia, creates a mystical atmosphere, especially when iftar time comes.

The Blue Mosque is one of the most famous mosques in Istanbul and offers a special place for iftar. The mosque’s magnificent minarets and dome create a spectacular view in the sky as the sun sets at iftar time. The iftar tables set up in the mosque courtyard bring locals and tourists together for a spiritual experience.

Topkapi Palace is also an important building that complements the historical texture of Sultanahmet. During Ramadan, special iftar events are organized in the palace gardens. Breaking fast in the magnificent gardens of the palace, accompanied by traditional Turkish music, offers an unforgettable experience.

Iftar in Sultanahmet is the perfect opportunity to enjoy traditional flavors and a historical and cultural experience. Coming together, sharing and praying together at iftar tables best reflects the spirit of this special month. Combined with the magnificent atmosphere and flavors of Sultanahmet, the iftar experience turns into an unforgettable memory.

Located on the historical peninsula of Istanbul, Deraliye Restaurant is famous for its unique historical atmosphere and delicious Ottoman cuisine. Every Ramadan, breaking the fast in this special place offers a unique experience where flavor and history come together. You can enjoy the historical atmosphere and professional service while discovering the splendor of Ottoman cuisine. Iftar in this special place in the heart of Istanbul, bearing the traces of the past, will be an unforgettable experience.