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Sultanahmet’s Favorite Place: Deraliye Restaurant

Sultanahmet is one of Istanbul’s most historic streets. And here is a popular destination for local and foreign tourists all of the world. In this historical peninsula, there are valuable monuments reflecting the glorious past of the Ottoman Empire. If you want to taste the unique flavors of Ottoman palace cuisine in this unique region, Deraliye Restaurant is the place for you.

Sultanahmet is the perfect stopping point for those who want to take a journey through time. While conquering the hearts of history lovers with world heritage monuments such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern, it also caresses your soul with the fascinating architecture of Sultanahmet Mosque. As you wander around this unique region, you will get lost among the historical buildings dating back to the Ottoman Empire and feel like you are in another world within the rich cultural mosaic of Istanbul.

Deraliye Restaurant completes this unique experience by offering you the rarest flavors of Ottoman palace cuisine, right in the middle of this historical texture. Every moment you spend in Sultanahmet will be part of a story that invites you to the perfect union of the past and the future.

Deraliye Restaurant: Location and Features

Deraliye Restaurant is located at Alemdar Mahallesi, Ticarethane Sokak No:10 in the heart of Sultanahmet. This restaurant, which offers dishes cooked in Ottoman palaces in accordance with today’s taste, also includes the favorite dishes of historical figures such as Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman and Hürrem Sultan in its menu.

Address: Alemdar Mah. Ticarethane Sokak No: 10, 34122 Sultanahmet/İstanbul

Phone: +90 212 520 77 78

Mail: [email protected]

A Menu to Take You on a Time Travel

Each dish served at Deraliye Restaurant takes you on a journey through time. In the menu reflecting the richness and diversity of Ottoman cuisine, the menu offers the unforgettable flavors of palace cuisine with a modern presentation. Just step through the door of Deraliye to experience this unique experience.

Recommended Flavors of Deraliye

Goose Kebab: Goose kebab, a traditional Ottoman dish, offers a magnificent taste with the delicious sauce expertly prepared by Deraliye and the side dishes served with it.

Hünkar Beğendi: An indispensable part of traditional Ottoman cuisine, the softness of the meat and the flavor of the beğendi combine to create a wonderful taste.

Lamb Tandoori: The unique flavor of slow-cooked lamb meat blended with spices.
Ottoman Sherbets: You can crown your meals with traditional sherbets from the Ottoman period.

Why Deraliye Restaurant?

  • An Atmosphere Nested in History: You will feel like you are in another time while tasting the best examples of Ottoman palace cuisine in a historical area like Sultanahmet.
  • Quality Service and Hospitality: The Deraliye team will make you feel at home as they do their best to offer their guests an unforgettable experience.
  • Unique Flavors of Ottoman Palace Cuisine: Each dish on the menu brings the rich cuisine of the Ottoman period to the present day.


If you are looking for a dining experience intertwined with history in the heart of Istanbul-Sultanahmet, you should not return without stopping by Deraliye Restaurant. A menu full of flavors that will appeal to both your eyes and your palate awaits you. Get ready to embark on a flavor journey blended with history in this place that reflects the splendor of the Ottoman palaces.

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