The Most Popular Turkish Cuisine Tastes

The Most Popular Turkish Cuisine Tastes

When you come to visit Istanbul, you should definitely visit Sultanahmet. This region is like the historical center of Istanbul. Among the Sultanahmet restaurants, there is a restaurant where you can experience unforgettable moments: Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine Restaurant.

Deraliye Restaurant offers the most popular foods from Ottoman Palace Cuisine and Turkish Cuisine, which are updated during the winter months. You should definitely taste these original Turkish cuisine dishes in Deraliye, which has a special place among Sultanahmet restaurants.

Goose Kebab

Goose kebab is one of the special delicacies that must be tasted in winter. It is the most special dish of the Ottoman Palaces. You can experience the best goose kebab in Deraliye.

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Quince is the freshest fruit of the winter months. After boiling this nutritious fruit in water, it is stuffed with armored lamb, almonds, pine nuts, rosemary, and green pistachios. It is served by pouring grape molasses on it.

Cabbage Rolls with Mussels

Cabbage leaves are stuffed with rice and wrapped with mussels. Cloves are placed on top while cooking.


Halva with granulated almonds and green pistachios is roasted with granulated sugar. It is then cooked with fresh milk. Hot mouth-worthy halva. You should definitely try this.

When you come to Istanbul, you should definitely taste these popular Turkish Cuisine foods. These dishes, which attract the attention of local and foreign tourists, will make you feel special. Have fun right now.